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Questions and Answers About How Life May Change After Spine Surgery

At DISC Sports & Spine Center, we understand the concerns you might have about any permanent changes to your life after surgery. Yes, you won’t have pain any more, but what else can you expect post-surgery?

To help answer some of the most common questions we hear, we’ve put together a series of videos, hosted by our founder, Dr. Bray. Take a listen to his answers.

Should I go to physical therapy?

Dr. Bray believes that a high-quality physical therapy program will show you the avenue for improving your core strength program and for keeping you from getting reinjured. Discover what kind he likes in particular.

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Will I need prophylaxis when I have dental procedures?

Prophylaxis or antibiotics are not needed during dental procedures if you have an implant from a minimally invasive procedure, such as an artificial disc in the neck.

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Will I set off the metal detector?

Beep! You probably won’t set off a metal detector with the typical implants used in DISC procedures, unless the procedure covers a large part of your body, like a hip or scoliosis procedure.

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Each patient has a unique story. These videos answer commonly asked questions, but it’s vital that you consult with a doctor about what is best for you.

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