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Melissa Gilbert Chatted About DISC Treatment on Good Morning America

Actress Melissa Gilbert recently went on Good Morning America to discuss her new book. While chatting with Amy Robach and T. J. Holmes, Melissa described how she was feeling roughly a year after her spine surgery performed by Dr. Bray at DISC:

"It's miraculous how much better I feel... The surgeon, Dr. Robert Bray, knew he had to take out all of this hardware in my neck that had failed and he was either going to have to fuse it again or, if all went well, he was going to give me an artificial disc. And he said, 'If you wake up without a collar on, you'll know you got the [artificial] disc. And I woke up and there was no collar on. ...The surgery was such a miracle I didn't even do physical therapy after. ...It was glorious, and I have no pain. For the first time since the 90s, I have no pain."

Melissa Gilbert on Good Morning America


Check out Melissa's Instagram post she shared shortly after her surgery in November 2020:




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