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Robbie Maddison

Meet Robbie Maddison

In Robbie Maddison’s procedure, Dr. Bulczynski assessed damage to Robbie’s labrum and added 9 anchors to his shoulder.

Dr. Shiffletts Patient Jeff

Meet Jeff

Dr. Shifflett alleviated Jeff's nerve pain and helped get him back on the golf course.

Jamie OBrien Surgery at DISC

Meet Jamie O'brien

Jamie injured his knee during a bad fall while surfing Pipeline.


Safety Precautions

Due to COVID-19, we’ve taken many additional preventative measures to help ensure the safety of our patients. Learn more about the sanitation, social-distancing, and logistical steps we’ve implemented.

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How we support you

Embracing your individual needs with customized diagnosis and treatment

Every patient has different goals. That’s why our first step is to understand yours. And with a range of top specialists under one roof, we can provide a comprehensive care plan that gets you back to your life faster.

We also know finances are a big consideration. Our goal is to provide a safe, transparent experience with no surprises along the way. We want you to confidently make an informed decision about your treatment.

specialties and treatment

Pioneers in spine care, orthopedics, and sports medicine

Whether you have a sports injury, orthopedic issue, or spine disorder, we’re committed to providing you with a personalized, top-quality diagnosis and treatment plan.

In order to achieve this, we’ve developed a highly integrated approach that customizes care across disciplines while embracing minimally and non-invasive techniques.

All services—diagnostics, pain management, and surgical care—are provided in one, state-of-the-art facility. Services are provided on an outpatient basis, with 0 MRSA spine surgery infections since our founding.

Spine Care
orthopedic care
Orthopedic Care
pain management
Pain Management
sports medicine
Sports Medicine

DISC's Expert Staff


Our staff is committed to helping patients reclaim their lives from pain. DISC nurses are particularly experienced. Each nurse plays a critical role, whether that means soothing the patient's pre-surgery nerves, assisting the surgeon in the OR, or gently waking the patient up once surgery is complete.


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Expert Staff at DISC-1

Learn From Our Experts

Our practice combines the knowledge of world-renowned experts across specialties. See their take on the latest industry news and advice.

Virtual Consultation

What to Expect During Your Virtual Consultation


Introducing: Dr. Leia Rispoli (Pain) and Dr. Nick Jain (Spine)

Artificial Disc Surgery E-book

Contemplating Artificial Disc Replacement? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Pain Management E-Book

Understanding a Pain Management Approach for Spine Care

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Partnering With The Best

Injuries come with the territory of being a professional athlete. Providing medical services to Red Bull North America, Oracle Team USA, and other sports associations, our team is tasked with getting the country’s top athletes back to peak performance. See how we do it.

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Tour Our Centers

Our local experts serve two locations: Newport Beach and Marina Del Rey, California. But we support patients from all over the country. Take a virtual tour of our facilities.