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How to Care for Your Wound After Having Spine Surgery

After spine surgery, you will need to rest up, heal, get back on your feet, and take care of your incision. Until it seals itself against bacteria, which typically takes about three weeks, you will need to carefully follow the set of instructions that the DISC Sports & Spine Center team will give you. However, we know that you have questions long before that point, and we are here to answer them!

Our founder, Dr. Bray, has put together a series of videos that answer some of the common questions patients ask about their incisions. We hope you’ll find them helpful.

How will I know whether to use ice or heat?

Ice and heat are used for very different purposes. Ice is used to decrease swelling, and heat is used to help with muscle spasms. Dr. Bray explains when to use each one in his video.

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How can I care for my wound after surgery? Can I get it wet?

Dr. Bray explains in this video that most surgeries done at DISC include stitches under the skin, with a SteriStrip tape placed over them. Although he doesn’t want you jumping in a pool or the ocean until the wound seals against bacteria, Dr. Bray explains that getting the tape wet isn’t a big deal; you just pat it dry. Find out more details here.

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How big is the scar? Can I help the healing process?

Incisions for minimally invasive surgery are very small, and DISC doctors try to hide their incisions in a crease of the neck to minimize scars. Find out more, including the expectations you can have for back surgery scars, in this video.

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Not every surgery—and, therefore, not every wound or incision—is the same. We are happy to answer some common questions in these videos, but please be sure to follow your unique set of instructions for taking care of your incision post-surgery.

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