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Dr. Puja Shah Wrote a Feature in the Newport Beach Independent

Dr. Puja Shah wrote an article on utilizing botox as an effective pain management technique to treat chronic migraines in The Newport Beach Independent. An advocate of total health and wellness, Dr. Shah's botox modality is one of the many effective treatments at her disposal when helping patients treat migraines. After explaining more conservative treatments for migraine headaches, Dr. Shah gave an overview of how she utilizes botox:

"The classic treatment process involves about 30 injection sites for headaches. These injection sites are located throughout the scalp muscles. The reason being is that migraines and chronic headaches do not just emerge from one location, but rather from chronic sources of muscle tension and inflammation. Therefore, it is important to target all of these muscles in order to lead to long-term relief.

The Botox dosing for chronic headaches is every three months. This is because it’s a medication that does take time to achieve full efficacy. I often tell patients that, after the first treatment, if they are Botox naïve, they may not even notice a difference. After the second and even third treatment, they do notice a significant difference as the cumulative effect of the toxin has relaxed the muscles to a much greater extent."

Dr. Puja Shah in The Newport Beach Independent

Read Dr. Shah's entire article by clicking here.


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